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What To Consider in Tampa Car Storage Facility

If you’re thinking about putting a car in storage and don’t have a whole lot of experience renting a space, you probably aren’t alone. We understand that leaving your car or recreational vehicle in an unfamiliar setting can feel a little scary at first, regardless of its value or what it might be worth to you personally. But to help alleviate those fears, we thought we’d highlight some key differences between various car storage options while also providing additional insight into what to look for in each type of facility in order for you to make the best choice possible for your unique situation.

Are there different types of car storage solutions?

Absolutely. And fully understanding the difference between such options is one of the most important elements in making the right choice. So let’s take a closer look at each…

  • Full-service car storage - As the name suggests, a full-service car storage facility has significantly more benefits and services available to the customer. For example, The Auto Den is a full-service car storage facility and we offer round the clock AI security, tire pressure monitoring, battery tenders to help ensure startup when picking up your car, and a variety of additional services and add-ons that help set us apart from other full-service car storage facilities and also self-storage options as well.

  • Self-storage car storage - Also like the name suggests, self-storage car facilities tend to be more of a basic solution where customers drop off a car in a single garage unit and that’s where it stays without any additional servicing until it is picked up. In the case of a larger garage unit capable of storing a car, many self-storage options aren’t climate controlled like The Auto Den, and of course don’t allow for on-going maintenance while you’re away either.

What features should I look for in a car storage facility?

The answer to this question varies on your individual needs and/or preferences. In addition, it might also depend on the car you’re storing as well. A fixer-upper or project car that needs plenty of work might be fine in a self-storage facility early on in the process. But a luxury car or a classic car likely needs additional protection, both in terms of security and from the elements. When considering what to look for in a car storage facility, here are some key factors to keep in mind:

  • Climate controlled?

  • Easy accessibility?

  • Video monitoring and security?

  • Flexible pricing structure?

  • Lighting of the facility?

  • Additional maintenance services offered?

  • Location of the facility?

Do I REALLY need climate controlled storage for my car?

In a word—probably. As just mentioned above, there are a few exceptions to this rule and putting a project car in a safe self-storage unit might be a viable option. For anything else, however, a climate controlled facility is almost mandatory, especially in Tampa. Extreme heat can be very damaging to a car or recreational vehicle and that added peace of mind of knowing your car is in a safe environment is almost always worth paying a premium for climate control.

How much should I expect to pay to store my car?

Cost is obviously a variable in just about anything we buy or pay for and car storage is certainly no different. At The Auto Den, our monthly storage fee is just $325 per month, or just $295 per month with an annual contract. Included in our cost is tire pressure monitoring, 27/7 security, fire protection, wipe down upon pickup, battery tenders, and more. Car storage competitors in our market range anywhere from $304 per month to just under $400 per month and the services includes aren’t exactly comparable in most cases. Simply put, The Auto Den is the absolute best value for car storage in Tampa and we’re willing to prove it to anyone who opts to give us a chance.

How easy is it for me to pickup my car from the facility?

Schedules definitely vary for all of use and that is something that HAS to be considered when storing a car. In some instances it might be more convenient for you to pickup your car during odd hours, which can especially be the case for anyone who travels frequently. As a result, finding a car storage facility that has easy or flexible accessibility is a high priority for many of our current customers and that is something that cannot be overlooked. As of now, our pickup policy is pretty straightforward. Vehicle access is available Monday through Friday during regular business hours and by appointment after-hours or on weekends. And in case you're wondering, making an appointment is as easy as making a quick phone call and we're able to accommodate any customer needs, ensuring an easy and flexible pickup process that is based on each customer's schedule.


Article Recap:

  • The difference between self-storage and full-service storage is often the services offered and a climate controlled environment, both of which can be crucial when storing cars and RVs specifically.

  • Other things to look for in a car storage facility include easy accessibility, the location of the car storage facility, video monitoring and security, a flexible pricing structure, and overall lighting and maintenance of the facility.

  • Climate control is a major factor that every car owner should want when storing a car.

  • The Auto Den is hands down the best value in Tampa car storage. Period.


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