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The Benefits of Climate Controlled Car Storage

Updated: Oct 7, 2020

If you’re thinking about putting your car in storage, chances are you have a lot of questions you need answers to before making a final decision on which Tampa car storage facility is the best fit. Some the most common car storage questions we get are related to pricing, contracts, and the facility itself, which leads us directly to the climate controlled component of storing a vehicle.

Believe it or not, the majority of cars in storage sit in a non-climate controlled setting. For an everyday car you’ll want access to regularly or a project car that still needs a lot of work, storing a car in a non-climate controlled facility might be a satisfactory option. But if you’re considering using a car storage facility in Tampa for a classic or exotic car, or even something you’re looking to put away for weeks or months at a time, finding a space that is climate controlled is highly recommended and will help ensure your car stays in the best condition possible while you are away.

Benefits to Climate Controlled Car Storage

Common sense should tell you that climate controlled storage is always better than non-climate controlled storage, regardless of what it is you are storing. But what exactly makes climate controlled storage a better options for car and vehicle storage? Let’s take a closer look below…

Protect your car from the Florida heat. If you’ve spent any time at all in Tampa during the summer, you already know it can get pretty hot out there. And as any car enthusiast will tell you, extreme heat can most commonly lead to issues with your coolant, battery, and tires.

Protect from excessive sunlight. The blazing hot sun can absolutely be damaging to both your car’s interior and exterior. The combination of ultraviolet radiation and excessive heat that can be intensified by the windshield will often lead dashboard and upholstery splitting or cracking, not to mention color fading as well. Your car’s paint will also fade from excessive sunlight too, especially darker colors like black, red, and blue. A car cover can help but for the absolute best protection, there really is no substitute for a climate controlled car storage facility or garage.

Protect your savings account. Although you’ll likely pay a premium for storing your car in a climate controlled facility versus a non-climate controlled facility, chances are you will still save more money over the long-term for always keeping your car in the best condition possible. As mentioned above, heat and sunlight will inevitable cause damage to your paint, tires, crucial engine components, and your car’s interior, and it doesn’t take long before damage repair costs add up.

Improved Air Quality. One of the more commonly overlooked elements to proper car storage is air quality. Generally speaking, a standard storage unit isn’t sealed as properly as it should be, or at the very least as well as a secure, climate controlled facility like The Auto Den. Well-circulated air is cleaner and will only keep your car’s components and electronics safer while in storage, adding to the benefits of a climate controlled car storage facility.

Peace of mind. Let’s face it—keeping your car in a climate controlled storage facility will almost always keep your car safer and in better condition. In fact, there’s really no arguing that point. But along with that realization, you’re also paying a premium for peace of mind knowing your car or vehicle will remain safe and in optimal condition for however long it’s in storage and it’s up to you whether the benefit of peace of mind is worth the added cost.


Article Recap:

  • Climate controlled car storage is a better way to protect your vehicle while you're gone.

  • The Florida heat can be damaging to your car or vehicle if it is stored inside a non climate controlled facility.

  • Excessive sunlight will do damage to your paint, upholstery, and tires.

  • Although climate controlled car storage in Tampa is more expensive in the short-term, the money you'll save in car damages is worth paying the premium for most people needing a quality car storage facility.

  • A climate controlled car storage facility continuously circulates air, keeping your car's components and electronics safer while in storage.


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