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Tampa Car Storage FAQs

Are you searching for a car storage facility in Tampa? Our 15,000 square foot concrete block facility is climate controlled, has complete fire protection, and an artificial intelligent security system that monitors our building 24/7.

How much does it cost to keep a car in storage? 

According to national marketplace websites like HomeAdvisor and Angie’s List, car storage rates typically fall anywhere between $45 and $450 per month. Exact pricing will depend on the size of the unit or the amount of space you’ll need, and other pricing factors include whether or not a facility is climate controlled and what additional services or add-ons are offered. The Auto Den, Tampa’s premier car storage solution, has extremely competitive rates as well as a wide range of complimentary features and additional services. We offer one simple flat rate of $325 per month for cars and $100 per month for motorcycles. We believe in offering a no-obligation month to month contract because we know once you give us a shot, you won't want to park with anyone else! Additionally, we offer discounts to those interested in storing multiple cars with us. 

Why choose The Auto Den over a self-storage unit? 

Storing a car or recreational vehicle isn’t the same as piling up some boxes and letting belongings sit for weeks, months, or even years at a time. In order you keep your car in the best shape possible, our Tampa car storage facility is specifically designed for auto/vehicle storage. We’re constantly monitoring temperature and humidity levels inside our facility to ensure your car in the best environment possible. In addition, The Auto Den also provides our clients with tire pressure monitoring, state-of-the-art security, a convenient location near the airport, and battery tenders to help ensure startup when you’re ready for pickup. 

Who uses your Tampa car storage facility? 

Our client base is truly wide-ranging. If you have an antique car, a classic car, or an exotic car that needs proper storage, The Auto Den is the perfect solution. But we also house everyday cars for seasonal residents and short-term travelers needing a secure garage near the Tampa International Airport, as well as extra vehicles for local businesses and car collectors at every level. Simply put, we’re in the car storage business for literally anybody who needs to store their vehicle in a safe, climate-controlled environment.

Is there a long-term contract or commitment to store my car at The Auto Den? 

We keep it simple here, there's no long-term contract or commitment to park at The Auto Den.  We offer one simple flat rate of $325 per month for cars and $100 per month for motorcycles.

Can I tour your car storage facility before making a decision? 

Absolutely! In fact, we encourage it. To schedule a tour of The Auto Den, contact us directly at (813) 999-2599 or e-mail us as and we’ll get back to you as quickly as possible to arrange a tour and answer any additional questions you may have about why we’re the best in Tampa car storage. 

What do I need to provide to use your Tampa car storage facility? 

The vehicles must be operable. Our customers are required to have proof of insurance with minimum coverages of 100,000/300,000/100,000 per occurrence. In addition, customers must also agree to all the terms of the lease, provide a spare key, and make sure our supplied battery tender is right for their vehicle or supply their own (some Ferrari’s require their own charger). Finally, all cars stored at The Auto Den must also be a “roller,” meaning it has to be pushable on tires. For any additional questions about our policies or our Tampa car storage facility, contact us directly. 

Are there specific Levels of car detailing

Yes. Exterior wash and vacuum. We also can offer full detail, paint correction, and beyond.

What do you do to prep my vehicle for pick up? 

We pull the vehicle into our delivery bay and check all tire pressure and perform a visual inspection. Any items noticed will be brought up to the customer.

I have my own vehicle cover, may I have it placed on my vehicle while it is stored? 


I need extensive repairs performed on my vehicle, can you help? 

Yes. We can offer referrals to our network. Estimates and considerations can be appraised so you can be certain to receive the best value.  We can refer you to the best professionals for the task at hand and coordinate the entire process. If you do not have time to inspect the work, we can keep tabs on it for you. You also have the option to add the payment of services to our bill or pay the vendor directly.

Does The Auto Den offer charging stations? 

No, not currently. We offer just the 110v hookup which can charge any electric vehicle overnight.

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