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Things You Might See at a Car Show

Updated: May 5, 2021

If you’re thinking of attending a car show, there’s great news for you. Not only are car shows perfect for enthusiasts who love classic and exotic cars, but they’re also a fun way to pass your day. Not only do you get to look at some of the best cars, which are generally parked in climate- controlled car storage units, but you can also catch up with like-minded car enthusiasts and learn what’s rolling on the roads these days.

If you haven’t been to a car show before, there are a few things you need to know about them to make your day more enjoyable. So, without further ado, let’s start discussing these.

The Showroom

Generally, car shows are organized in facilities that act as storage units for cars. However, there are shows that are carried out in the open air as well. Nevertheless, the “showroom” is the star attraction of any car show, and this is where you need to head first.

The showroom prep work is similar to that of other cars. Showrooms are large indoor vehicle storage units with roll-up doors so that the cars can be transported onto the showroom floor and parked at their specific locations. All the new models are cleaned until every speck of dust has been removed. They’re then transported to the show on trailers, so there’s no road dust on them.

These cars genuinely sparkle under the bright lights, and you can always find representatives on hand to tell you more about the cars. Some representatives even give presentations about their company’s newest models – this is a must-experience activity for any car enthusiast!

Judging Criteria

At most car shows, particularly the classic car events, the display models are graded out of 100. These scores are then displayed on the cars themselves, giving you a chance to find out more about each car.

If you’re willing to get fully immersed in a car show, it’s a better idea to look up the car show judging criteria before you go. Usually, cars are judged based on exterior quality, interior quality, mechanical quality, suspension quality, cleanliness, overall concept, and display.

Extra Events

While someone can spend all day gawking at and posting pictures on Instagram, there’s more to do at car shows than that. High-profile events have smaller shows, auctions, climate-controlled car storage units, driving events, and seminars during the day leading up to the final day. Even at smaller local shows, you can have plenty of conversations which can be more enjoyable than the car themselves at times.

Car shows are a great place to learn more about cars as most owners will gladly tell everything you’d ever want to know about the car. You can learn valuable detailing tips, repairing tips, places to find parts, the car’s history, and much more. No matter how you experience car shows, you’ll definitely leave a show by learning more about cars than you did before.

Exotics And Classics – But From A Distance

When you spot your favorite exotic car parked under the shining lights of an indoor vehicle storage unit, the feeling of wanting to touch it is tempting. That being said, it’s advised that you keep your hands to yourself. Owners tend to spend a great deal getting their cars spruced up for the show day, and the last thing they’ll want is fingerprints.

However, if you feel like taking a behind-the-wheels experience, you should ask the owner. Owners can allow you for a brief sit-in provided you don’t have muddy boots on. Most owners are there to answer questions, and they will happily let you sit behind the wheels; be sure to ask permission first.

To Sum It Up

Attending a car show is fun, even if you’re not an enthusiast. If you have some interest in cars, visit a car show to see what it’s all about. So, have you decided to visit an upcoming car show? Let us know in the comments below.

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