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The Most Common Reasons For Needing Car Storage in Tampa

Updated: Oct 7, 2020

Both the need and the demand for car storage is real for more people than you might think. The list obviously includes luxury car owners, vintage car collectors, frequent travelers, and seasonal snowbirds with a second home anywhere in Florida. But that’s hardly where it stops.

As any car enthusiast knows, a vintage or ultra-luxe ride is a significant investment and protecting that investment should be top of mind for anyone looking for the right car storage facility in Tampa. But beyond car collectors, everybody should be interested in protecting whatever vehicle they own, even if it’s just an everyday utility car, truck, or SUV. So if you’re wondering what to do with an extra vehicle you own, here are just some of the reasons why people opt for long or short-term car storage in Tampa

No Extra Space at Home

This is especially true for condo owners who only have space in a garage for one or possibly two vehicles. And even if you have extra space in your garage, sometimes it’s best not to use it all for an extra car, which can definitely be true for a handyman who likes to tinker around in the garage for fun. Simply put, if limited space is an issue for you, our Tampa car storage facility might be a reasonable solution to consider.

Military Deployment

Military deployment is an unfortunate yet necessary part of keeping us all safe at home. And for some military men and women, especially those who are not yet married, figuring out where to safely store their car is also an important item on deployment preparation checklist. Opting for car storage will prevent bugs and rodents from invading your car, preserve the battery life, help protect your car against theft, and also keep your car in the best condition possible throughout your deployment.

You're a Seasonal Resident / Snowbird

With Tampa being one of the country’s top retirement destinations, plenty of snowbirds and seasonal residents looking to escape the winter weather every year have a second home somewhere nearby. And while most second homes have some sort of garage or on-site parking, keeping your car in a safe, climate controlled car storage facility still makes a lot of sense. As just mentioned, opting for car storage will protect your car from all sorts of issues and hazards, and you can’t put a price on peace of mind!

Short or Long-Term Traveling

Whether you’re planning to backpack through Europe or tour the African safari, an extended vacation is another common reason you might want to properly store your car or vehicle. And regardless of whether you’ll be away for a month, six months, or longer, we’d be delighted to take excellent care of your car while you’re away!

Sending Your Kid Off to College

Relying on a first-year college student to properly take care of his or her car can be a costly mistake you don't want to make. As someone who racked up over $900 in parking tickets my first year of college, I know from experience. To avoid parking tickets, vandalism, and just basic wear and tear of going back and forth to campus, it might just be best to have your son or daughter leave his or her car at home during the first year while adjusting to college life. And so it doesn't get in the way at home, putting it in storage might also be something you'll want to consider as well.

Life Transition or Inheritance

From getting a divorce to downsizing to a smaller home or condo with far less storage space, certain life events may lead to the need for a safe and affordable car storage solution. In addition, inheriting a loved one's car or vehicle is also a common need to seek out car storage quickly, which can sometimes be extra stressful given the circumstances. Regardless of whatever transition you're going through, our Tampa car storage facility is the premier option in town for however long you may need to keep your car in a safe and secure location.


Article Recap:

  • The reasons for car storage in Tampa are wide-ranging

  • Limited space is one of the most common reasons for car storage

  • There's a **chance** your first year college kid won't take care of his or her car while away at school; opt for car storage instead.

  • Men and women of the military often need an affordable and reliable car storage solution.

  • Life happens and the need for car storage can sometimes pop up unexpectedly.

  • Snowbirds and seasonal residents might opt for car storage over driving back and forth, which can put an excessive amount of wear and tear on a vehicle over time.


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