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How to Store Your Sprinter Van Safely

Like any vehicle, sprinter vans need places to stay parked. Finding the perfect indoor facility for your sprinter van that has all the required amenities is difficult to come across. So, if you want to get a storage unit for the van, you'll need to do some homework.

If you've purchased a sprinter van, and are looking for a safe and cozy atmosphere for storing your vehicle in, today's article talks about why The Auto Den – a luxury automobile storage facility in Tampa – can prove to be the best option.

So, without further ado, let's get straight to facts.

Peace of Mind

Parking a sprinter van outside of your home can bring many uncertainties. Storms can cause trees to fall, which can do untold damage to vehicles that are uncovered. Garages and storage sheds are also at risk of damage depending on how well built they are.

However, if you store your sprinter van with The Auto Den, you can be at peace as we have climate controlled car storage facilities. These facilities are built much better than the average garage.

Peace of mind certainly cannot be bought, but it can be rented through the indoor vehicle storage that we have to offer.

Protection from Harmful Weather Conditions

For sprinter vans, you only want the best storage for protecting them. Van owners pay a lot for maintenance, fabrication, tuning, etc. These maintenance costs can rack up to thousands of dollars. This means you only want to store your sprinter van in the best storage unit so that it stays maintained.

An outdoor storage unit doesn't guarantee protection from dirt and other weather conditions. Storing your van indoor ensures that it's protected from the sun, precipitation, dust, and dirt.

When storing with The Auto Den, our specialized climate controlled storage units not only ensure maximum protection from the harsh weather conditions, but also save you a buck in terms of maintenance costs.

Routine Detailing

One of the main advantages of renting indoor storage for your sprinter van is access to storage facility services that keep the vehicle in top shape. These include wrap services, professional detailing services for interior and exterior, routine hand washing, etc.

Conversely, if you leave your van in a garage for too long, you will risk degradation of vehicle parts or coating due to the storage conditions.

By having it stored with The Auto Den, you can be rest assured that in our indoor vehicle storage facility, you'll be prolonging the vitality of your sprinter van as we offer washing, detailing, and protection services as per the opted package.

Highly Secured Storage Facilities

Whether you need car storage intermittently, for the week, or even for a year, you'll want to know that your van is housed somewhere secure. Our vehicle storage facilities specialize in long-term vehicle care and have invested in premium security systems that offer round-the-clock monitoring.

To Sum It Up

Mentioned above were some of the reasons why you shouldn't worry about your sprinter van's storage once it's stored in an indoor facility at The Auto Den. Our storage spaces are built to keep your vehicles maintained, secure, and, top of all, safe from all external damages.

Have any questions regarding our indoor car storage facilities in Tampa? Feel free to drop us a comment below!

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