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Why detail your car before storing?

I am always asked by our customers if they should have their car detailed when they bring it to The Auto Den in Tampa. By definition, detailing a car is a process of meticulously cleaning, correcting, and preserving the interior and exterior of a car. Detailing costs and procedures can range from a few hours and a few hundred dollars all the way to a week-long paint correction process resulting in thousands of dollars.

Either way, detailing is a part of the maintenance of a vehicle, and properly maintained vehicles will be protected from dirt and grime, have a higher resale value, and ultimately be more enjoyable to own. Detailing is essential for the long term upkeep of the vehicle; it’s the single maintenance item that EVERY vehicle needs.

So why have a vehicle detailed before you place it in storage? Regular car use causes small metal fragments, road dirt, sand, and debris, and other elements like brake dust to penetrate the surfaces of the vehicle. Regular washing of the vehicle will strip wax and scratch paint or clear coat, even if done so by a professional. Taking the time to have your vehicle detailed will preserve the paint, eliminate those unwanted particulates, and protect the seats, dash, and even the smell of the vehicle. The best time to do this maintenance is before the vehicle is placed into storage. Slick, smooth paint will keep dust and other dirt fragments off of the paint, and the softer surfaces like seats will have time to absorb the product benefits, essentially treating them to a longer life. Wheels will be free of brake dust and road debris, leaving them clean, shiny, and ready for the next outing.

The key to enhanced shine, depth, reflection, and preservation is to keep it clean and there is no better way to do this than with a detail. Doing it before placing the car into storage is the best way to keep things clean and looking good! No doubt, doing so will lead to longer life of key components like carpet, seats, rubber trim, and of course, that wonderful paint.

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