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Who parks at The Auto Den?

Storage is for everyone.

I’ve been in, around, and interested in cars since I was a little boy. My parents had a collection of Matchbox brand cars from England that I was allowed to play with on special occasions and I still remember those cars; in fact, I still have them. I was always enamored with the fact that cars touched so many different people, different demographics, and different types of auto sports. And now that I am involved with The Auto Den here in Tampa, Florida, I’m seeing that climate-controlled car storage is the exact same.

We have customers in Tampa Bay who are storing cars with us because they are huge collectors and don’t have enough garage space; one client owns 6 cars and parks one with us in rotation. Parked next to him, is a person who sold his home and moved to the Keys for a year just because. He didn’t want to take his hot rod with him so he parked it with us. Next to that is a car that sat outside for many, many years and started to rust. The owner felt he was doing the car a disservice and brought it to us to get it inside.

And then we have a plumber’s van. The plumber has specialty tools that cost thousands of dollars and this plumber works for a prestigious hotel chain and is flown all over the country for specific services. The van sits in the climate-controlled facility under the watchful eye of our smart security cameras waiting for the next call to duty in this market. Who would have thought we would have this type of client?

We have clients who have collectibles, drivers, barn find originals, we have a family heirloom that has been in the family for 47 years and it has no place to live at the owner’s home BUT he can’t part with it since it was his Grandfathers car. We have a client who doesn’t have a garage at home and one that has an 8 car garage. We even have a customer who has homes and vehicles in multiple markets. When the customer comes to town, he comes right to us from the airport, where he has his car stored securely with us. He spends a few weeks here, drops it off for a detail and away he goes…

And to that end, one customer parked his Bentley with us during an extended trip so he didn’t have to leave it at the airport. Now that’s someone who loves his car.

The interesting thing here is who needs the storage service around Tampa Bay. Its basically anyone, anyone who loves their car. And that is why we love our customers so much, because like them we love our cars too! If you need any storage options, keep us in mind no matter what you drive and why you need to store it.

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