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Things You Should Know Before Shipping Your Car Through a Vendor

Shipping your car is not an easy task, especially when you want to ensure that it reaches its destination without any damage and in a timely fashion.

Here are a few things everybody should know before shipping their car through a vendor:

  • Research

Always do your homework before reaching out to a car-shipping vendor. Read through their website, find reviews, and see what people have to say about them. If you don’t have a referral, ask around.

Ask the vendor questions regarding their arrangements for storage for cars. Make sure you know where to leave your car and how it will be making its way back to you. If all this information is legitimate, you might want to consider hiring them as your vendor.

  • Sort Out the Insurance

Find out about the company’s insurance coverage and whether your car is included in their coverage. Many things can go wrong during the transportation of a car and having a respectable and responsible carrier is paramount.

Before finalizing your car’s transportation, you need to know what your vendor is covering. Only after everything has been finalized and you’re satisfied with their offer, should you secure your reservation.

  • Be the Early Bird

Last-minute bookings will leave your options limited, so work ahead early and get done with your bookings before peak moving season. During the peak season, you will not be able to get a reliable transporter, and car storage units in Tampa may be full.

Be sure to plan properly and book your vendor a few months in advance so that there are no delays when the moving time arrives.

  • Be Present for Pickup and Delivery

When you visit the transporter or car storage in Florida to collect or drop your car off, be attentive to the details. Before letting the vendor pickup your car, take pictures of the car and closely mark down the dents and scratches. You can compare them when you receive the car in case something happens on the way.

If you’re not present, you can miss out on the damages the car may have incurred on its way to you. Being present will enable you to get help on time.

  • Smooth Shipping

The more careful you are before you finalize the shipping vendor, the smoother your shipping process will be.

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