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Storage Disasters

Our passion at The Auto Den is to provide the best car storage option in Tampa. Customers come to us with a need for car storage from a variety of different previous car storage disasters. Most, like us before starting The Auto Den, have not had a good option for properly storing their automobile which leaves the vehicle, and owner, in a precarious state. The Auto Den is the answer to Tampa’s car storage needs. In addition to storing client vehicles, we aid in the restoration and preservation of the vehicles. Our services range from a simple car wash or oil change to full-frame off restoration consulting. One of our most recent customers came to us with a 1960 Fleetwood Cadillac that was passed down to him by his grandfather. It was a beautiful car and family-owned since new. In the past few years, it was stored outside under a grand oak. The harsh Florida elements took a toll on the vehicle and it stopped running and active seal leaks allow moisture to enter and mold the interior. Our future customer reached out for storage but was pleased to learn we could help get the Cadillac back into shape. The project was a bit more than just a tune-up and needed the right person to preserve its original integrity. We came out to the customer's home to inspect the vehicle, scheduled the repairs, and stayed involved in the rejuvenation of this classic took place. The Auto Den team is proud to say the Caddy is now on its way to our facility to stay perfectly preserved and ready for the next Sunday cruise. It truly makes us happy to be a part of bringing this car back to life and ushering in a great new chapter in its history. We know the owner and his family are excited to have it back and so well protected moving forward.

If you have a project car or one that is in need of help please reach out. We are happy to lend a hand.

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