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DuPont Registry Cars and Coffee is Back!

After a long pause due to COVID-19 DuPont Registry held their annual Cars and Coffee event to benefit Toys for Tots. The lawn and parking lots of The Armature Works in Downtown Tampa were overflowing with cars and people. We felt privileged to be asked to participate in the event and talk to folks about car storage in Tampa. Our state of the art facility allows us to store 162 cars on 54 triple high BendPak lifts. As more patrons decide to store their vehicles with us we are getting closer to ordering our first set of lifts from BendPak.

It is really great to see all of the exciting automobile-related developments happening in Tampa. I would like to offer a special thank you to The Armature Works for hosting a great event. The venue is the perfect spot for a car show being on the River Walk in downtown Tampa. One of our favorite new concepts from the show is The Motor Enclave, which is a car condo development that includes a private racetrack and off-road course for its owners. Here is a link to their webpage for more information. We hope to offer our customers a few unique experiences at their facility. Having a top-tier facility like theirs come to Tampa is very exciting for our car community and we look forward to watching The Motor Enclave take shape.

Making sure children have a wonderful holiday season after this difficult year is so important to us. The Auto Den team showed up with a truckload of bikes and our SUV packed with toys. From our booth, we could see all of the patrons show up with toys in hand to donate which was truly special. To us, it shows the great American spirit of giving is still strong after a tough year. A special thanks to the Marines for helping load up all of the donations.

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