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Determining the Right Tire Pressure for Your Car

Tire management is an integral part of automobile ownership. Tires lose air over time, can dry out, become rounded, or even flatten. Maintaining the correct pressure delays these issues and ensures the drive is smooth and without any accidents.

The pressure is determined by calculating the pounds per square inch, also known as the PSI.

The Pressure Decal

New cars come with a decal either on the door or the door sill (usually on the driver’s side) which helps the driver determine the right tire pressure for the car. You can always check your owners manual and maintain the tire pressure accordingly. Many people change the brand of tires on their car and in some instances the different brand requires a different PSI. The decal and owners manual dictate what is the best PSI for the performance of the vehicle.

Tire Pressure Gauge

Tire pressure gauges can help you determine the pressure in your tires. Here’s 3 difference ways to determine your tire pressure:

1. Pen-type pressure gauges

These gauges have a ruler-like rod used to slide in and out of a tire’s sleeve. This measures the air pressure and determines whether more air needs to be filled or not.

2. Dial pressure gauges

The dial pressure gauge is an analog device used to read the pressure. This gauge features a number dial and is like a hand-held watch. You get the reading directly through it.

3. Digital pressure gauge

This is an automated reader which digitally gives you the reading without much issue. It is the easiest of the three to use. To use it, place the gauge on the valve stem, ensuring that it is firmly pressed onto the stem.

The Right Time to Measure the Pressure

The best time to check the PSI is when you take your car out of indoor vehicle storage and the tires are cold. When the tires are cold, they give the most accurate reading.

At The Auto Den, we utilize tire pressure gauges to ensure your vehicle is ready to go when you are. Give us a call at 813.999.2599 to reserve your spot in the den today.

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