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5 Things You Should Always Check for Before Storing Your Vehicle

Maybe you have a convertible ride that you love to drive in the cooler winter months of Florida, but the hot summer has arrived. Perhaps, you’re planning to leave town for a vacation. Whatever the reason may be, when you spend time away from your vehicle, you can face issues like dead batteries, damaged interiors, ruined tires, etc.

To avoid this, your best option is to hire a climate-controlled car storage facility to preserve your vehicle until you return.

However, not all storage options serve equally. So, here are the key factors that you need to be mindful of when choosing the right vendor to store your precious collector car or antique vehicle.

1. Car Storage Unit

Search online by entering the words ‘classic car storage near me’ to find the best space and price for your car. You also want to look into the unit’s indoor storage rates to finalize and manage your budget accordingly. Some facilities offer multi car discounts or discounts if you access the car less often. A storage unit that ensures your car’s safety and provides additional services will cost less than what you would pay for repairs in the long-run.

The first thing you need to check before storing your vehicle is that the storage unit aligns with your requirements.

2. Change the Oil

Engine oil thickens and deteriorates with time, and if you leave it unattended it can cause issues with your engine internals. It’s always better to replace it with new before storing your car. When you get back, you can change the oil again. Make it a habit to always check your engine oil before you park the car in a storage unit.

3. Avoid Flat Spots

Whether it is a standard or a luxury automobile storage facility, considering options for your car’s tires is very important. You should consider using race ramps or even jacking the car up; otherwise, tires can get flat spots from the overall weight of the vehicle and from lack of use, all of which may require replacement. Before you leave your car, use the proper race ramps or jack the car so the tires are not touching the ground.

4. Maintain the Car Battery

In most modern cars, the battery ensures the car runs without any problems; this includes electronic fuel injection, various sensors, and even door locking mechanisms. This is probably the most important thing to consider before the car goes into storage. You need to disconnect the battery from the engine or add a battery tender to maintain the life of the battery. In some instances, the water level of the battery should also be checked.

5. Cover Up!

Choosing a climate-controlled car storage unit is always the best option, but if you can cover your car before you leave it you are providing another added layer of protection.

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