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3 Steps to Take Before Storing Your Vehicle Long-Term

Updated: Apr 19, 2021

The heat, humidity, and cold in Florida can be damaging to vehicles. If you don’t pay mind to the conditions that you store your car in, there can be adverse consequences.

There are several units for car storage in Tampa, Florida that are available at affordable rates. However, don’t just park your car and call it a day. To ensure safe indoor vehicle storage for your precious possession, don’t forget to follow the steps shared below.

1. Park Your Car in a Storage Unit

Long-term storage means you will not be accessing the car for a long time; therefore it will not be going out for drives and will not be maintained as it typically is on regular days.

When you search online for ‘luxury car storage near me,’ be sure to choose a storage unit where they provide essential maintenance. Make sure to also look into the indoor storage rates to avoid incurring a bill that you cannot pay later on.

Look into a few options, calculate the storage prices according to the storage time, and then make your selection.

2. Top Off the Tank

Whether it’s two months, six months, or more, make sure to put enough fuel in your car to last the determined storage time. It is better to use premium gas or use a fuel stabilizer with your car before leaving it in the storage unit for more than six months.

When you fill-up the tank it prevents the tank from rusting. The fuel stabilizer simultaneously preserves the fuel and prevents it from damaging the fuel system.

3. Maintain the Car Battery

A car’s primary component, the battery, ensures the car starts and drives smoothly. However, it is advised to trickle charge and or disconnect the battery before leaving your car behind. A battery tender needs to be put in place so that the battery still has life when you get back.

If the battery stays connected and unused for a long time, it can leak acid and cause corrosion inside the car. So, don’t forget to unplug everything properly and set up the tender before you leave the car unused for a long time.

Added Precautionary Measures

Along with ensuring you follow the steps above to keep your car safe in the indoor vehicle storage unit, follow some of the precautionary measures below as an added layer of protection.

  • Put in clean engine oil before parking the car for a long time because it thickens with time. Leaving behind old oil will cause problems for you when you get back.

  • Before leaving your car, put a tire jack and or flat stopper below the tires and lift them off the ground. This will ensure the tires don’t give out under the car’s weight so you can return to usable tires.

  • Use a car cover even if the storage unit offers climate control to further stop the environment from damaging the car.

Search for ‘classic car storage near me’ and look into their features list; if you find them compatible with your requirements, contact them, and give your car the proper protection it needs while you’re away.

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