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An "amateur golfer," whether competitive or recreational, is someone who plays golf for the enjoyment of the game rather than for financial benefit.

Excessive financial incentives for motivating golf, which may result from some kinds of gambling or betting, can lead to rule violations, both in the game and in the manipulation of the obstacles, weakening the game's integrity.

There is a distinction between playing for prize money (Rule 3-1), gambling or betting against the intent of the Rules (Rule 7(2)), and gambling or betting that does not violate the Rules in and of itself.If there is any uncertainty about the applicability of the Rules, an amateur golfer or the committee responsible for competition when amateur golfers compete shall consult the Board. To guarantee compliance with the Rule, it is advised that no prize money be provided in the absence of such instructions.

Forms of gambling that are acceptable

In the event of a casual game, there is no objection to informal gambling or betting between individual golfers or a team of golfers.

Although identifying informal gaming or betting with certainty is impossible, the following features of the gambling or betting offer exist:

  • players typically know one another;

  • gambling or betting is voluntary and only applies to participants;

  • the sole source of any money obtained by all players is money supplied by the players;

  • and the sum of money is not commonly seen as excessive.

As a result, private gambling or betting is permissible if the primary goal is to enjoy the game rather than to profit financially.

Forms of gaming that are unacceptable

Organized gatherings aimed at planning or promoting the establishment of reward money are not authorized. Golfers who participate in such tournaments for the first time by definitively surrendering their entitlement to a financial reward are judged to be playing for money, in violation of Rule 3-1.

Other types of gambling or wagering may be considered gambling or wagering if participants are obliged to participate (e.g., mandatory tournaments) or substantial sums of money are involved (e.g., calcutta and auctions when players or teams are auctioned off). The Governing Council believes that this is contradictory to the Rules' aim (Article 7(2)).

It is not suitable to define precisely what types of gaming or betting are undesirable, although the following characteristics are consistent with improper gambling or betting:

  • Non-players may participate in gambling or betting;

  • large quantities of money may be regarded excessive;

And cause to suspect that the gambling or betting has resulted in, or is likely to result in, abuse of the game's rules or manipulation of the game's barriers to integrity.

Participation in gambling or betting by amateur golfers that is not authorized by the Rules may be regarded contradictory to the Rules' objective (Article 7(2)) and may be damaging to his amateur status.

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